Some useful links about establishing positive classroom culture

´Building a Belonging Classroom’:

‘Creating a Positive Learning Environment’:

´Cultivating Trust with One-on-One Time’:

´Creating a Community of Learners’, TEDX Jordan McFarlen:

´Engaging Language Learners by Zoltan Dörnyei’:

´Engaging Learners from Home by Sarah Mercer’:

´Fostering Belonging with Classroom Norms’:

´Sarah Mercer «A Compassionate Education System with Sarah Mercer»:

´The Foundations of Engagement: A Positive Classroom Culture by Sarah Mercer’:

´The Power of Relationships in Schools’:

Some videos to watch and reflect before the live talk with Prof. Ayşegül Amanda Yeşilbursa

Here are the links to the opening scenes of the first lesson with each of the five professors that Amanda Hoca will focus on:






Here is the task:
Having an authoritative (not authoritarian!) presence is a prerequisite for effective classroom interaction. Observing these videos will help us to focus on the concept of ‘teacher presence’ in the classroom. For each professor, answer the following questions:

1. What are the students doing before the teacher arrives? (This question may not be applicable to all professors.)

2. From where and how does the teacher enter the classroom?  (This question may not be applicable to all professors.)

 3. Describe the professor’s physical appearance and body language. How does this contribute to his/her ‘teacher presence’?

4. Describe the professor’s voice quality in terms of tone, clarity and speed. How does this contribute to his/her ‘teacher presence’?

5. What effect does his/her ‘teacher presence’ have on the students?

 6. What can you gather about the professor’s beliefs about teaching and learning? E.g., Is s/he student- or teacher-centred? Does s/he believe knowledge is transmitted or constructed? Is s/he even a teacher?